About US

ULTRANOVA's team of skilled designers are pushing the limits of traditional fashion.
The concept of our brand revolves around future technology to create futuristic clothing. 

Resistant to water, sunlight, and cold weather, our fabrics defy traditional limitations by offering a unique combination of durability and style. 
Imagine entering a world where your clothes not only complement your personality but also highlight the sophistication of their AI-infused surface.


Our brand caters to everyone, however, it takes a daring individual to wear it. Our clothing is best suited for those who have a unique fashion sense and are a part of the fashion industry, particularly media personalities such as celebrities, bloggers, trendsetters and stylists.

Some may compare our outfits to superhero costumes, however, they are designed to be simpler and more approachable. We strive to create a look that is comfortable for everyone.